Expect the unexpected: Kevah

A brand new cohort of Kevah Teaching Fellows are set to attend the Limmud Bay Area 2018 Festival. Kevah is a Jewish community nonprofit organization that empowers individuals and organizations to build localized and intimate Jewish learning communities (“Kevah Groups”) that are matched with a trained and vetted Kevah Educator.

Youngish Jewish Educators from all over the country will present their Kevah graduation projects at our Festival this year. Expect the unexpected. Who will be selected for this years Kevah Fellowship? Which challenging topics will they take on? Stay tuned!

BTW Kevah means a “set practice” and is the word used in rabbinic literature (Pirkei Avot 1:15) to describe how Torah study should be integrated into the life of each and every Jew, regardless of age, Jewish background, or sexual orientation and become a part of their everyday rhythms.