Fees, Discounts and Registration

Festival Fees & Discounts

Your registration includes room (except commuter tickets) and board (meals, snacks, WiFi), learning (programming, entertainment, conference materials) and campus access (parking, gym, pool) for the entire Limmud Bay Area weekend.

We are SOLD OUT – thank you, Bay Area!

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Previously available ticket options – FYI:

Ticket Options**


  • Adult Ticket – $580. All-inclusive, per person. You can choose single or double occupancy. Full price. 
  • Single Occupancy – $535. All-inclusive, per person. Subsidized.
  • Double Occupancy – $490. All-inclusive, per person. Subsidized.
  • Parent of Camper – $340. All-inclusive, per person. Subsidized.
  • Single Parent $200. Email us (register@limmudbayarea.org) for discount code. All-inclusive, double occupancy, per person. Subsidized.
  • Commuter – $310. Meals and program, no bed. Subsidized.
  • ** SOLD OUT ** Young Adult – $220.Young adults under 40. All-inclusive, double occupancy, per person. Email us (register@limmudbayarea.org) for discount code. Subsidized.
  • Groups of 6 or more – $340. Email us (register@limmudbayarea.org) for discount code. All-inclusive, double occupancy, per person. Subsidized.
  • Presenters – $340. Email us (register@limmudbayarea.org) for discount code. All-inclusive, single or double occupancy, per person. Subsidized.
  • Commuter Presenter $200. Email us (register@limmudbayarea.org) for discount code. Meals and program, no bed. Subsidized.


  • Camper (with bed) – $340. All-inclusive, per kid or teen under 18. Subsidized.
  • Camper (no bed) – $0. Meals and camp, bring sleeping bag. Per kid or teen under 18. Fully subsidized.
  • Infant (no bed) – $0. Under 24 months old. No child care provided, bring Pack ‘n Play.


  • Bus Ticket – $50. Bus to and from the Festival. Locations in Peninsula and San Francisco TBD. Per Person. 

** For further financial support, ask about additional discounts.

You can view our cancellation policy here.