If I am only for myself

In an article written by Editor in Chief of JTA News, Andrew Silow-Carroll on why we focus on specifically identifying the Jewish victims in a general community tragedy, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg was quoted as saying, “Repair of the whole world starts with my country, my city, my neighborhood first… Self-interest is legitimate. People work harder and produce more in an economy built on private property. Loved ones or family first is the natural, more human way to operate.”

As proud as we are of past Limmud Bay Area Festival presenter Rabbi Yitz Greenberg we are thrilled to announce today that  Andrew Silow-Carroll will be presenting at this years Limmud Bay Area 2018 Festival.

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg continues his quote later in Silow-Carroll’s article by quoting the great Rabbinical Sage Hillel, “If I am only for myself, what am I?” Read the full article here: goo.gl/zEY9Ld.

The dialog continues, and you can take part! Join us this summer at Limmud!