FAQs 2018


  • What does Limmud mean? Limmud comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to learn”.
  • What should I expect at Limmud? A weekend retreat. Like all local Limmuds, Limmud Bay Area is a unique experience gathering people from all walks of life and all Jewish backgrounds. You can expect to attend a series of workshops, discussions, nature walks, text-study, art projects, and performances. Limmud is uniquely planned, produced and enjoyed by a network of local Bay Area “volunticipators”. This is your invitation to open yourself to Jewish experiences you’ve never imagined. An opportunity to explore your connection to Jewish ideas, innovations and tradition. Meet people who share your curiosity and fundamental commitment. Relax, reflect, and celebrate. 
  • What will we eat? All food served will be certified kosher by the Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California. In addition to the standard chicken and fish protein options, each meal will also include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Dina’s Kosher Catering will source organic, sustainable and local ingredients whenever possible. The menu is planned plans to accommodate  sensitivity or allergy to specific foods. When you register, please indicate if you have a medical aversion to any food items so we can be prepared.
  • What is significant in the Jewish calendar at the time of Limmud Bay Area 2018  (besides Shabbat, of course)? Never to miss a learning opportunity, we will have a chance to study the history and the role of Jerusalem in Jewish tradition as Limmud Festival 2018 happens to occur on Shiv’ah Asar b’Tammuz (the 17th of day of the Hebrew month of Tammuz), one of the fasts on Jewish calendar.
  • What will the kids & teens do?  From our kids & teens programs to our financial subsidies for solo parents and kids, we aim to be a weekend destination for families. Families have the opportunity to learn, play, and explore together, as well as apart. At Camp Limmud (18 months to 14 years) your kids will incorporate experiential Jewish learning while enjoying activities from hiking to crafts. All of the kids programming will be overseen by vetted counselors and facilitated by professional Jewish educators. Our Camp Limmud Director, Miriam Schwartz-Kanani, now returning for her fifth year, helped designed Camp Limmud from her experiences working at some of the best Bay Area youth programs like Urban Adamah, Camp Tawonga, and Wilderness Torah. At Teen Limmud (14 to 18 years) your teens will incorporate Jewish learning while enjoying activities from hiking to social justice. All of the teen programming will be overseen by vetted counselors and facilitated by professional Jewish educators. If you have questions about Camp Limmud, Teen Limmud or our limited number of financial subsidies for children and families please contact register@limmudbayarea.org.
  • Is Limmud Green? Bal Tashchit (coming from the Hebrew words “do not destroy”) is a Jewish concept that directs our practices at Limmud. This concept or value reminds us at all stages of our planning to be environmentally mindful in our decisions and consider prioritizing sustainability efforts wherever possible. From a number of our educational sessions, to our program partners as well as the choice of venue and vendors, we make proactive choices that foster a solid balance between ecological sustainability and Jewish learning. For example we choose to host Limmud at Sonoma State University (SSU) because they are a leader in sustainable practices. The buildings we use are designed to minimize energy use, consuming less than 50% of the energy allowed by state code for similar buildings and feature water efficient landscaping. Another example is that graduates of the Teva Learning Alliance, whose mission is to transform Jewish education through experiential learning, curate Camp Limmud (the Limmud learning track for kids) focused on the intersection of Jewish and ecological sustainability.
  • Do you have a ride share or group carpooling option? Yes, of course. Sign-up as a driver or a rider.
  • Is the lodging ADA Compliant? Yes, from the location of our sessions nearby accessible bathrooms and elevators, to the single floor residences we stay in, we make proactive choices that intend to foster a sense of welcoming and accessibility to all. B’tselem Elohim (coming from the Hebrew words “created in the image of the divine”) is a Jewish concept that directs our practices at Limmud. This concept or value reminds us at all stages of our planning to be mindful in our decisions and consider prioritizing accessibility and diversity efforts wherever possible. For example we choose to host Limmud at Sonoma State University (SSU) because the campus is American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. All of the buildings we use are along accessible pathways and everyone has the ability to specify within the registration form if they need a residence at a ground level. See the Campus Accessibility map for the locations of handicapped parking, accessible campus pathways and entrances to buildings, as well as locations of accessible restrooms in each building. If you have questions or concerns prior to registration, please send an email to registration@limmudbayarea.org.
  • Is the lodging close to where we will be learning, gathering and eating? Yes, the housing is in close walking proximity to both the Recreation Center (gym/pool) and Student Center (meals/sessions).
  • Do I need to bring anything to use the kitchens in the apartments? Yes, the kitchens have a refrigerator, garbage disposal, microwave, dishwasher, gas oven and range. The kitchens have no other equipment (pots, pans, dishes, flatware or coffee maker). Take a virtual tour.
  • Do I need to bring bed linens? No, each resident is supplied with an extra long twin size bed, linens to match and a pillow. If you do prefer to bring your own linens, most mattresses are 80 inches long by 38 inches wide by 6 inches high. If you are sharing a room, be sure to bring ear plugs along with a mattress topper if you have a sensitive back. Standard issued towels, pillows and bedding are provided but some Limmudniks choose to bring their own to make it a bit more plush.
  • Do the bathrooms include a tub? Yes, the bathrooms are one room with sink/vanity, toilet and a shower/tub combination. The shower does have sliding shower doors. Bring your own shampoo.
  • How are the rooms in the apartments arranged? All rooms are arranged in suites of 4, 2-double rooms and 2-single rooms around a shared living room, terrace & kitchen.
  • What does the lodging really cost? It has always been our intention to make Limmud as affordable, transparent and accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore we are volunteer run (keeping the prices low), provide an automatic subsidy to attend, believe that people are honest when they request an additional financial subsidy, and provide group rates to encourage greater participation.
    • Volunteer Run: Because we are a volunteer run organization, our prices are already low as we have little to no overhead staff to pay. We invite everyone to donate, participate and volunteer to help make Limmud everything it can be.   
    • Automatic Subsidy: Also our generous community of donors we are able to reduce the actual cost of registration by at least $50 per person.
    • Honor System: While limited in number, we are happy to provide a discount code to anyone who privately expresses that they have financial need.
    • Group Rates: At its core, Limmud is a community built on active participation. We encourage families and groups to attend and bring new voices and perspectives to Limmud.
  • What will Shabbat be like at Limmud? Shabbat will begin with a Kabbalat Shabbat, and we will celebrate together with festive meals and community singing. There will be a variety of Shabbat services options, which allow those who observe different traditions to worship and learn in a comfortable setting. We plan to have prayer services of many different types, including those with musical instruments and those without musical instruments. For those who are not prayerfully inclined, there will also be other learning opportunities.
  • What is an Eruv and will there be one? There will be an Eruv (from the Hebrew word meaning mixture) around the residential and learning areas on campus. Take a look at the Eruv Map. In effect it is a symbolic enclosure constructed to bring together (mix) homes into a common habitat. It also allows a Sabbath observant guest to carry certain objects, thereby avoiding traditional restriction.
  • What about traditional Shabbat observance? In addition to prayer services, there will be many shomer-shabbat-friendly sessions which will employ no electrical devices.  All meals are kosher and prepared in accordance with Shabbat observance rules, supervised by Vaad of Northern California. And we’ll have an Eruv around the residential and learning areas on campus. Participants who wish to hold a prayer group, will do so and will supply all resources and will be responsible for the session or prayer group in its entirety.
  • Do I need to unplug my phone on Saturday? Consistent with our commitment to respect and diversity, basic Sabbath etiquette will be observed in all public areas. So putting away your cell phones, tablets, computers, guitars and even pens, is appreciated. The sessions that employ electric devices or musical instruments will be clearly marked on the schedule. We recognize that in private areas people will behave as they wish.
  • Will my kids be able to go to Camp Limmud on Shabbat? Yes, the activities will be appropriate for Shabbat observant families. Camp Limmud as well as Teen Limmud will “unplug” for Shabbat.
  • Why does it cost so much to attend? Registration fees are by design subsidized and only cover a percentage of the actual cost. Thanks to generous donors we have limited subsidized registration prices for the following Limmud attendees: Presenters, Millennials, Young Adults, Parents of Cads in Camp, Commuters, and Single Parents. As these subsidized tickets are limited we suggest people register early. If you don’t qualify for any of the tickets below, contact us and we will try to help you navigate the subsidized system register@limmudbayarea.org.
  • Can I volunteer? Yes! Looking for a one-time volunteer opportunity? An ongoing commitment? Let us know what type of volunteer role suits you. You can start large or small. We’d love your help! We welcome volunteers of all ages and with all levels of experience to join us. Only you can create the Limmud experience you want to have. To learn more about a Team, email volunteer@limmudbayarea.org.

More Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Just email register@limmudbayarea.org